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All About Us

The The Hidalgo County Wellness Program Journey

The Hidalgo County Wellness Program, Hidalgo County For You, was developed with the purpose of improving the quality of life of county employees by promoting healthy lifestyles and aiding
employees to maximize benefits afforded through the County's medical insurance, and simultaneously
reduce the medical cost claims for preventable conditions. Benefits of the wellness program are free
fitness classes, educational events including health talks and health fairs, and educational trainings on
insurance benefits.


Our Core Values

The Hidalgo County Wellness Program, HC4you, is guided through our seven core values that are embraced daily to create an optimal environment for you and your wellness journey.



We foster a profound sense of respect towards oneself and towards others.

Yoga at Home

"It is the mission of the Hidalgo County Wellness Program, Hidalgo County For You, to positively contribute to the quality of life of our employees using a holistic approach through education, awareness, social support, and guidance."

Diana Huallpa


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